What is TopCoverage?

Bravo Corp. is the developer of TopCoverage, a complete tool for all telecommunication providers to evaluate radio transmitter sites via prediction, simulation and analysation of radio coverage.

Operators can simulate the coverage of a mobile network and configure how many signal transmitters are required to sustain a telecom network.

Why use TopCoverage?

Providing an intuitive interface, including a robust terrain map, TopCoverage allows providers to very efficiently see all relevant data when required.

With its easy-touse user interface and broad range of functions, TopCoverage is the ultimate tool for all serious engineers.

What does TopCoverage provide?

All telecommunication providers rely on a network of transmitters to provide the best coverage possible for their customers. It is often a difficult task for engineers to find the optimal position for each antennas.

TopCoverage aims to assist engineers and providers to automatically calculate and present the most optimised positioning for antenna placement, as well as provide intensive feedback for each antenna, such as coverage, signal strength, transmitter type, traffic congestion, object interference, geographical constraints and many more relevant data.

Customer Comes First

We are always at the end of the phone with our 24/7 hour helpline. Over the phone and even personally if available, we will support you all the through until you are comfortable using TopCoverage.

Our commitment to customer service is an important characteristic of Bravo Corp.

Security at Its Best

Cutting edge, rock solid and Intel-based servers ensures the latest data and system stability. Our other main goal is security; you can trust that your data is in good hands with us. Our frequent backups and skilled security experts are the guarantee that neither malicious code, nor harmful attacker makes any damage to your sensitive data.

Order TopCoverage

Please fill in your details to place your order online. If you would rather order by phone or fax, please see our contact details at the contacts section.

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We are here to help!

We value customer service more than we do to the functionality of our products. We believe our products deliver and thus wish to provide customers with the full help required in utitlizing our tools. The team are always happy to answer any questions and help with any queries customers may have.

When will I receive my license after ordering?

The license will arrive as soon as we process the details. This usually is completed within 48 hours. We will get in touch with steps on how to receive the application and your unique identification key required to identify your network.

How is access to application controlled?

Each provider are given a unique access key which is tied to their company. The providers will use this key to gain access to the application and be able to edit their own network data. Though, all providers are still able to view other network antennas and will be presented in different colours for ease.

Does TopCoverage have a subscription charge?

No. However, TopCoverage is available with a Maintenance Subscription plan which enables you to take advantage of new software enhancements as soon as they are released.(Fixes for software problems or bugs are available to all licensed users, regardless of Maintenance Subscription status.)

Do I need to be an estabilished provider?

We only have publicly available data of current network providers. If your data is not in our database, you may add them yourself or can contact us providing the details so we can do it for you. We will update our database and your information will then be visible to all other network providers.

We are Bravo Corp.

Bravo Corp, a team of enthusiasts set out on developing a complete service to aid all telecommunication providers.


The group initially formed with eight members but has since lost a member due to family commitments. Bravo Corp. have still managed to effectively produce an advanced product as had been initially envisioned.

Our Mission

Bravo Corp. exists to provide our customers with the most complete tool to expand their existing network and help new providers to start up. Along the way, we aim to establish ourselves a key component and player in the world of telecommunications whilst providing the best customer support.

Our Team

  • Svilen Gotsev - Team Leader
  • Nikola Petkov - Deputy Team leader
  • Georgi Tinchev - Programmer
  • Martin Georgiev - Programmer
  • Daniel Richardson - Database
  • Mohammed Ali - Tester
  • Bugra Keskindag - Web Design

Contact Us

You can contact us either by using the contact form on the right or by visiting us directly at:

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